Services are conducted outside in the fresh outdoors at local parks, schools or sports arenas. They can also be conducted at a personal location of your choice such as your home or work place. Locations are determined on a case by case basis depending on your location, circumstances and training requirements. But generally where possible, I bring the service as close to you as possible.

shutterstock_275595203Personal Training

Personal training sessions are a great way to help you achieve your goals and get you the results you want faster.  Each session is personalised specifically for you. You can train by yourself (1:1) or with a friend. Some people like training with a friend (2:1) as it can make them more accountable and it can also be slightly cheaper for each individual.

Group Fitness

Group Fitness classes, are just that, fitness involving a group of Mums of all fitness levels. They can be adapted to suit the individual so everyone gets an appropriate workout based on their fitness levels and requirements. They provide a good fun way to train with others, to make new friends and be part of a group.

School Mums

Through prior arrangement I can provide discounted group fitness and personal training to schools Mums, taught in the school grounds or facilities. This is a great way for the schools to offer services to the parents who often give so much to the school and it is also a good way for schools to promote health and fitness within their school. If requested, classes can also be extended for Dads.


High Intensity Interval training is all the rage at the moment. It’s good because it can burn a lot of fat in a short period of time. HIIT can be provided as part of the personal training or group fitness sessions.

Running & Event Training

I have met many women who want to learn to run or to train for a running type event.   Running is great because it can be taken anywhere, you can start and finish from outside your door and it’s cheap. Running events are a great way to stay committed and make you feel like you are doing something for yourself. My services can include specific programs to help runners build their strength and endurance up with the aim of preventing injuries and adding variety into their running routine.