Mums Fitness Time


As the name suggests, Mums Fitness Time is just that.  Fitness time for Mum, some dedicated time in the day where she can focus on herself, feel good and have that feeling of satisfaction that her health and fitness goals are being met.

Mums Fitness Time helps Mum to achieve her fitness goals, lose weight, get fit and tone up.  They also help  Mums train for events and create long lasting healthy habits. Services include personal training, group fitness, support and inspiration.  Training can be delivered at home, in a gym or outside in a park, and aim to empower Mums to feel great.

Mums Fitness Time was started and is managed by Sarah a Mum of two who is passionate about Health and Fitness.  After becoming a Mum , Sarah decided she wanted to make fitness accessible to all Mums and decided to set up a business that would allow just that.

She understands what it’s like to be a Mum, and the limitations and the struggles that they face having faced quite a few herself.  But she also knows how important it is for Mums to keep themselves fit and active and to be in control of their own bodies.   With some support, guidance and simple strategies from Mums Fitness Time, every Mum can get active and stay active.

Mums Fitness Time, is fun, friendly and thoughtful.  We welcome Mums of all ages, stages and all fitness levels from the absolute beginner to the super fit.    

If you are ready to give yourself a little dose of healthy luxury and feel like experiencing something that will make you feel special then contact us to see how we may be able to accommodate our services to suit your situation.

And of course, children are always very welcome.